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Herbie the Love Bug
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Our little friend here was sold new in 1963 and for six years he faithfully did the day to day duties of family transport.

In 1968, our little buddy was just a used car, a trade in at the Thorndyke dealership visited by a down on his luck race car driver named Jim Douglas (played by Dean Jones.)

The little car follows him home and through some silly fun, he eventually becomes the next owner of the little car. While Herbie is afraid of the fast pace of the highway, it soon becomes apparent that he does get up and go...especially when you make him angry.

Herbie's best freind in the whole world is mechanic Tennessee Steinmetz (who is played Buddy Hackett) is the first person to truly understand the magic that is Herbie.

Herbie's Racing/Acting Career has kept him busy and over time he has made some great friends.

In Herbie the Love Bug, we find Dean Jones, Buddy Hackett and Michelle Lee become his first friends and caretakers.

In 1974 Herbie came back to the big screen with Herbie Rides Again but without his friends from the first movie. At this point Jim Douglas is racing in Europe and had to leave Herbie behind with an old lady known as Grandma Steinmetz (played by Helen Hayes.)

Tennesee's Grandma is about to lose the firehouse that has been home to her and Herbie since Jim has left and a very bad man is trying to take it away.

Enter Willoughby Whitfield (played by Ken Berry) and Grandma's niece Nicole (played by Stephanie Powers) who help save the day!

In 1977 Jim Douglas teamed up with Wheely Applegate (played by Don Knotts) to bring Herbie Racing in "Herbie goes to Monte Carlo!"

This is where Herbie falls in love with a beautiful blue Lancia, and Jim falls for Diane Darcy (played by Julie Sommars) who took a long while to warm up to Jim.

In 1980 our little buddy "Herbie" found himself locked up in Mexico waiting for the nephew of Jim Douglas to save the day and gets out in time to be prepared for a big Brazilian race.

Sadly, along the way our litte Hero was tossed overboard from a Cruise Ship and winds up as a Taxi called "Ocho."

In 2005 we find out favorite little car down on his luck and facing his final moments in "Herbie fully Loaded." Maggie Peyton (played by Lindsey Lohan) becomes the next racer/caretaker of our speedy little car.

Today this little car is enjoying the good life in Central New York, Cortland to be exact.

He enjoys visiting car shows and kids, but every so often, that racing spirit rises up and a Mustang, Camaro, or Challenger finds that Herbies taillights shrink quickly from view when Herbie wants to.

With Watkins Glen just down the road and over the hill, you just never know when you might see him on the track once again!
1963 VW Beetle Deluxe
Herbie and His Career!
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