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Coca Cola had a plant in Cortland at 160 Homer Avenue. Sold: August of 2013
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To find out more about the Brockway Motor Truck Company
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These trucks were meant to be used up and then scrapped, but
the love of the brand finds folks doing frame off restorations that
bring them to better than new condtion...learn more today!
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Located in the Heart of Cortland NY, the Brockway Truck Company first manufactured horse drawn carriages and buggies but as time wore on they moved into the horseless carriage business...Trucks! In 1956 Brockway Trucks became a division of Mack Trucks.

Brockway would specialize in building quality trucks from 1912 to their end in May of 1977.

This 1948 Brockway 152W is in fantastic condition with a list of Preventative Maintainance work completed in 2013.  Getting is ready for the road... or the next owner... helps keep her in top condition.

With a wood frame, the sheet metal was stamped out, then actually nailed to the framing to create the finished look. This style of construction was common in the early years of vehicle production, and also helped some of the early drivers come up with nick-names for this well loved brand....such as "The Cortland Shaker."

Equipped with the stout Continental 46B Engine, the 427 cubic inch Six Cylinder Monster will pull a house off the foundation, but top speed is about 42 miles per hour. It has a Fuller 5 Speed Manual Transmission
and an Eaton 2 speed rear axle. It has a MFG Rated Capacity is 22,000 lbs and the gross Weight is 32,000 lbs.

Look inside and see a working truck from yesteryear… No Power Steering…No Radio, No Power
Seat, Not even Air Conditioned!

These are the trucks that kept America moving…Kept America Growing”

I want to extend a very warm thank you to Tom Millard for getting the history of my truck to
me, as most often happens to antique vehicles, the history is lost and their identity with them.

Tom informed me that "Your truck" was originally a long wheelbase single axle gas or fuel tank
delivery unit! It was originally owned by Suttcliffe Oil in Scranton Pennsylvania!

Later in life, it went to Kaminski construction in Pittston Pennsylvania. It was never registered
for the road as it was a site truck on their property. Dom Zacanino bought it and I think he registered with another number as the registration is a 1948 but the serial number of the chassis and cab decodes as a 1953 unit.

While owned by Dom Z, this tractor was sent to Fruehauf to have the frame shortened and a new Simplex 5th wheel installed on the rails. The Continental Gas 46b motor was rebuilt by DG Nichols in Scranton Pennsylvania. In 1992 Dom entered "Miss Rachel" in a "BIG RIG" show and she won in it's class.

A few year later...Dick Howe, a noted truck collector near Sidney New York purchased this truck and
did a few upgrades, which you can see from the photos.

It's life in Pennsylvania is part of the reason that this Brockway is a rust free truck.

In the fall of 2006 Hugh Reihlman helped me bring it home and the rest is "history" as they say!
Pick a truck...it's all the same!
The History of this "Big Rig"
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