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1969 Cadillac Convertible
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Luxury, Style and Fun!
1969... the year of my first car and the beginning of a love affair with the automobile that
continues to this day.

I bought her at night...in a garage...from a man I had known for many years Dexter Paddack.

Dexter had collected cars for years..mostly Cadillac's and when if was time for my first car
he called me up and said let's go for a ride. He explained that he would give me the car and
one year to make a lump sum payment of $1,500.00 for it! He said it would pass inspection
and be a good car.

So..off we went. After a bit we pulled up in front of a garage and he opened the door....

The she was. A 1969 Cadillac Convertible. 471 Cubic Inches...Rochester Quadra Jet
Carburetor and Leather interior. We shook hands and the deal was done.

When I came home the next day she was in the yard waiting. Dexter took care of the brakes,
windshield and all other inspection items and away we went. My first car took me on roads
and highways all over the North East.

After 3 years it was time for a repaint. Lou Petrella's body shop in Polkville New York was the
only choice. Lou put it by itself in a room for most of one winter and when spring came around
the world was treated to a glistening paint job that still shines to this day.

I did eventually sell her, as time marches on and taste does change. A collector in Virginia takes
care of her. She will always be my first car...she made dreams come true and holds a very
special place in my heart. She is gone, but certainly not forgotten.

The 1937 Dodge Brothers was a fun find! My bother had a 1938 P-6 Deluxe Coupe with Rumble
Seat..a very rare car indeed! When I found this D-5, the interior was all original and the dealer
installed (factory optional) seat covers was still in place over the original cloth upholstery!

We both rambled around in these old cars for period of time...but the need for speed soon
took over and a sharp looking gold Dodge was on the horizon.
1937 Dodge Brothers D-5
A Story For All Time!
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