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Summer Fun!
After the 1937 Dodge Brothers D-5 was sold....It was time to move forward and get a fresh
looking muslce car. I came across this beauty in a barn of old cars and two days later was
driving around looking for adventure.

Featuring a 318 V-8 engine, this bench seat beauty was all style and glamor. The dual exhaust
had just the right tone, the kind that makes people turn and smile with out being to agressive.

Dodge Charger found 1973 to be modest in terms of upgrades and features.

There was a new grille for all Chargers that used exposed headlamps, a new rear-quarter
window treatment that divided it into three opera-style segments and new taillights.

Designed around a more exaggerated Coke-bottle shape this car had swoops and style.
The front grille was split into two halves with each half surrounded by chrome or body-color
bumper and featuring either an exposed or hidden pair of round headlamps depending on trim level.

The whole cockpit area was new, too, with a semi fastback rear window transitioning into a deck lid
with an integral ducktail spoiler. This car was both flamboyant and handsome.

Going to car shows or just cruising, this '73 Charger was a great car with style and great road
manners but it would soon be for sale as the next series of cars proves to be historic...in more ways
than one!

1973 Dodge Charger
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As interesting as my Charger is....this Charger is certainly more capitivating, this is the original, the very first GENERAL LEE Charger. All others are based on this car.
On the left is the first jump on TV and the right photo is the next episode where it "acted" as racing car... The photo links take you to the finding and restoration of this historic car..General 1.
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