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Beauty, Reborn!
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From a Chicken Farmer to Manufacturing Legend, Carroll Shelby has brought us power, speed and beauty.Click and visit his online home...see his dream and legacy.
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On Saturday, August 11th, 2001 my friends and I attended a Cruise-In at Heids Hot Dog Stand in North Syracuse New York.

While my buddy and I were inside ordering, these two Shelby Mustangs roll in and I joked to him "hey, one of the Shelby's is for sale...here's your chance!"

We joked and then enjoyed our dinner. Afterwards we went out to visit and look over the cars that were in attendence. When we came to the Shelby you could see it was all there, but not in "show" condition.

The truth is, the fenders were not even bolted on completely, so it was not in drivers condition either!
Here was the proverbially "Barn Find" and on the front seat was an old for sale sign.

Whe the owner came over, I mentioned the sign and asked if he just bought it. It turns out that he has owned this Shelby for 18 years....14 of which is just sat in the barn! Over a period of 10 days we went back and forth and in the end he sold, and I purchased this 1968 Shelby GT500 #0791.

According to emails and information from the 1968 Shelby Registrar Vincent M. Liska, Shelby 68-0791 has been considered "lost or destroyed" so I placed it's information back in the Shelby Registry.

This 1968 Shelby, #0791, was scheduled to be built just before Christmas on December 22, 1967.

Serial Number: 8T02SXXXXXX-0791

Broken Down: 8 1968
T Built in the Metuchen, NJ Assembly Plant
02 Shelby Fastback
S 390-4V (Ford actual installed a 428 police interceptor for the Shelby models)
XXXXXX # of the Ford Vehicle scheduled for production at this plant
0791 Shelby scheduled for production

Door Data Plate decodes as:
63B Shelby Fastback
M Wimbledon White Paint-Ford #1619-A
6F Saddle Decor Bucket Seats
22M Scheduled for Build December 22, 1967
(Actual Build date was December 14, 1967 eight days ahead of schedule)
8D2574 Home Office Reserve Ordering District Under Domestic Special Order #2574
8 3.50 Standard axle ration
5 Four-Speed Manual Transmission

Sold Through Dealer # 12E203, Reynolds Motors Inc. Syracuse NY and delivered on January 27th, 1968.

In addition to the above information, this vehicle was ordered with the following options:

Extra Cooling Package Visibility Group Wheel Lip Moldings Sport Deck Rear Seat

Power Disc Brakes Tilt-Away Steering Column AM Radio Interior Decor Group Heavy Duty Battery
A Phoenix Rises...
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