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This 1989 Mustang 5.0 GT Convertible is for sale.... Just $12,500
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Not what you would expect
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Triple White = Triple Threat!
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A true Ladies Car... Clean, Fast and Ready to create fun and excitement.  Be ready for the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang in April of 2014 with your own Mustang....
Powered by the famous 5.0, this car features automatic transmission, power steering, power windows, and of course air conditioning.
The Turbine Wheels Set it off just right.  White Leather and White Top really offset the Beautiful White Paint.  No.. we do not drive this in the winter!
The Body, Interior, Trim and Accessories are all in excellent conditon and you are welcome to come see this beautiful car in person.
73,1XX miles means that this low mileage beauty is just getting warmed up...
The 1989 model year saw the introduction of the first ''modern'' computer system to the Fox Body along with a full mass airflow system that replaced the mechanical air density system on the Mustang's intake. The '89's computer system was able to automatically compensate for changes in airflow and exhaust output to produce efficient air/fuel mixtures with most mild performance upgrades. The big 302cid V8 is extremely easy to upgrade and can see a significant increase in total power output with only a few engine and exhaust upgrades that turn the humble Fox Body into a roaring performance machine.
                CAll 607-543-1215  If this listing says "for sale"
               then it is still available today!  Price: Just $12,500