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1969 Mach 1
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Beautiful inside & out!
This 1969 Mustang is a Mach 1.

She was born in Late June of 69. Her Early years were spent in the Canadian Lands up North and then she went south.....south to Alabama where her life as a Southern Belle was one of fine weather and excellent treatment by the gentleman.

She is the envy of every man and woman, both young and old. Her curves are voluptuous and demeanor low key.

She had a body to die for, the same body her mom put together all those years ago. Age has not diminished her beauty in fact she is a classic. Now that is not to say she won't kick up her heels and cut up a little, so to speak, seeing that she was outfitted with a 351 V8 and a four speed. This lady can dance, sing and tease.

Yes, she is a flirt with all the boys....flashing her red dress and showing just a hint of her hidden black garments...but make no mistake, do not get her angry....do not make fun of her or she will have her way with you then make you pay dearly!

When pushed to the limit, she will take a deep breath of air through the ram air setup and then run it through the 351, turning her fury into power. That power runs through a 4spd toploader and is handled by a Hurst shifter on the way out to a 9" trac-lok rear end.

The dual exhaust system makes breathing easy, even when the factory a/c is on high.

If your ready to listen to the band and feel like dancing then come to Central New York where you can find this beauty ready to run and play....but remember, do not make her angry.
Power and Beauty!
About the Lady in Red...
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Dual headlamps were introduced in 1969, with the extra pair set into the outer area of the grille. The corralled grille pony was replaced with the pony and tribars logo, set off-center to the drivers side. The wheelbase remained 108 inches, but the overall length increased by almost 4 inches, and the width increased by almost half an inch. Coupes, fastbacks, and convertibles were still offered, but new models joined the lineup: Mach 1, Boss, and Grandé. All of these models took their toll on GT sales; they were continued in 1970, but the GT was discontinued.

The 351cid V-8 was introduced in 1969, and was available with 250 or 290 hp. For those wanting more power, the 335-hp 428cid Cobra Jet V-8 big block was available with or without Ram-Air. More than 80 percent of Mustangs in 1969 had V-8 engines.

The Mach 1 was essentially a fastback GT with different stripes and a more upscale interior. A spoiler and rear window louvers were optional.

The Mach 1 included the GT's non-functional hood scoop. A functional "Shaker" scoop was available. It was mounted on top of a special air cleaner and protruded though the hood. A vacuum-operated door opened when the throttle was floored, allowing cool air into the carburetor. The scoop was standard on the 428 Cobra Jet Ram-Air V-8 and optional for Mach 1 or GT with 351 or 390 engines. The stripe package was reflective. A flat black rear spoiler was not an option early, but became available late in the model year.
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