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Creating a Legacy that honors the King of Nascar, Richard Petty
Legacy Starts To Take Shape....
As a S.E.M.A. attendee for numerous years Bob OGorman (President of ALI) was pleased to present the S.E.M.A. audience in 2009, Project N96: Drop Top Revenge. This Challenger build found acceptance as a world class custom car, a creation that takes the iconic muscle car and improved upon it.

It was at this same show that Richard Petty and his team of craftsmen were displaying a Petty Blue Challenger Show Car. A crafted machine that was destined for the stage of the Barrett-Jackson Auction, to be held in January of 2010.

Bob could not help but think how that car could look if it were to have been created as a convertible.

Bob and A.L.I. have enjoyed a working relationship with "the Pettys" that has been budding since late 2004 and includes both King Richard and Kyle taking active roles in an automotive lift safety training video.

After all parties went through a full work day during the 2009 S.E.M.A. show in, Bob acted on his thoughts regarding the ideas he had for a Petty built Challenger Convertible. Bob visited with the Petty Boys until late night turned toward morning and the idea was born....creation of a tribute car in honor of Richard Petty.

To create a project of this scale brings a lot of people together...from Richard Petty himself, concepts and ideas are approved for use. From the graphic art created by Murray Pfaff, to the graphics chosen to be air
brushed by Mickey Harris...Richard Petty has been involved with each and every step.

Soon, more of this project will become public...until then this page holds teasers and clips that will give you a glimps of what's to come... An Arrington Built 426 HEMI, a Katzkin Kustom Leather interior, and of course the convertible conversion by Drop Top Customs....

Legacy By Petty, will be the ultimate rolling tribute to the King of Nascar racing...Richard Petty.

Each step of the build has been documented by a film crew from Modern Hotrodz (link on the left with Charlie Murphy, just click to view a teaser)

During the open house, a local news crew filmed the event capturing both the PROJECT N96: DROP TOP
REVENGE car as well as the LEGACY BY PETTY car in it's as yet to be tranformed state (newsclip link is
on the bottom right, just click to view it.)

Of course, we have a link to Petty's Garage...just click the Petty Logo on the left, it's next to the car that
started this project rolling...a Petty Blue Dodge Challenger...proving that some history is worth repeating.
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Legacy By Petty - Dodge Challenger Convertible
The Back Story - How did we get here?
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Revenge at Auto Appraisal Network
Revenge at Advanced Automotive Concepts
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Currently this one of a kind showcar is being marketed on the Dupont Registry Website and in their current magazine offering.Click the picture to view the online listing.
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