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Want to see some of the baddest Mustangs, past and present?

Want to see who's driving "what" today...or what they drove yesterday?

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It Seems that behind every car is a story. It doesn't matter if it's a quick story or a long one, what matters is that the story must be told. Who owned it? Where did it come from? Barn find?

There is always a good time with a well told story... and when a story told often enough can become a legend, and that can be applied to a host of cars we've owned over time.

Ever since my graduation from High School, there has been a classic or collector vehicle for me to drive during the good weather. It's a promise to my self that I have kept all these years.

Sometimes it was a hard promise to keep, but I have managed to enjoy quite a nice run of great and sometimes famous, cars.

My first car came to be through a local real estate broker and collector of Cadillac Convertibles, Dexter Paddock. Dexter was a local and well known broker for a national real estate company for many, many years and he would purchase Cadillac Convertibles as he came across them.

When I first met him, he had over 80 in various barns and buildings through out the county. Dexter would fix them up, collect them, and also sell them as well.

That first car, the 1969 Cadillac Deville Convertible, was the start to it all.

Car shows were now my next big thing, and that car went all around the area and even to a cruise in or two.

In the early 80's I attended a car cruise from Marathon New York to Cortland New York. It ended at the A&W restaurant and was amazing. The turn out was tremendous and the variety was unending.

The next year I thought that I would help them with the cruise in. Well, it turns out that they had no interest in doing a cruise again, so from 1983 on....a few friends and myself have kept "Cruise Nite" alive and well each and every year since.

We look forward to doing it again this year as well. Where did 25 plus years go?

Look around my garage, and feel free to visit anytime....you just never know when the garage door is up, and what you'll find behind it!
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1968 Gold Nugget Special Mustang Registry
Washington State had a Special Edition Mustang.
The "Gold Nugget Special" promotion claimed that
525 would be built....only 481 left the assembly line.

Visit the Registry and learn about this historic car.
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What would you like to see? We have overseen the crafting of not one, but two Custom Dodge Challenger Show Cars... The Original "Project N96: Drop Top Revenge"
        and more recently, "Legacy By Petty"... Both Cars are Magazine Features!
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